Discreet Shipping

When you order a sex toy, the last thing you want is for your mailman or anyone else to know about it. That's why discreet shipping is so important. And it's why Love23rd makes every effort possible to protect your privacy from the moment you place your order to the second it arrives at your door.

All Love23rd orders are discreetly packaged in either a plain brown box or padded bubble mailer, depending on your items. We use brown boxes for orders with multiple items and our larger sex toys. Bubble mailers are saved for smaller items, such as lingerie, lubes and adult movies.


Plain Brown Box                                                       Padded Bubble Mailer

For orders containing:                                          For orders containing:

Multiple Items                                                           Smaller Items

Large Items                                                               Lingerie

                                                                                         Lubes or Lotions

                                                                                         Adult Movies



Plain, Anonymous Packaging

Neither the brown box nor bubble mailer examples have the Love23rd name or logo anywhere on them. That's not an accident. With a well-known name like Love23rd, we want to make sure people can't guess what you ordered just by looking at the box or mailing label. That's why every order leaves our warehouse in plain, anonymous packaging. It might look a little bland compared to some other sites, but it’s definitely discreet.

When required by postal regulations, we'll include a phone number and mailing address in the from field - as shown in the mailing label. Otherwise, we'll leave that field completely blank as an additional precaution.